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The Declaration Of Independence
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The Declaration Of Independence

The mention of a creator in the declaration of independence is very important because there are those who argue that the separation of church and state tells us that government is ultimately a secular institution. Clearly, the founders did not lay the foundations of our country on those foundations. They saw the legacy we have as Americans in our rights and freedoms as part of our inheritance from God and as such, above the government and something the government should back off and leave alone, as well as prettier and defend. .

The Declaration of Independence is truly an extraordinary document, especially when you consider the nation's "primitive" state when it was written by Thomas Jefferson and signed on July 2, 1776 to become the backbone of our American system of government. It became an oft-quoted and quoted document, even becoming part of President Lincoln's famous inaugural address when he said with such deep conviction ...

 years ago our fathers created a new nation on this continent, conceived in freedom and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal ”.

Because these words are such a profound part of our American heritage, American history, and American spirit, they are often a key part of any study of history in this country's schools. This is why school children in every state are so familiar with these words.

But it would be good for all of us to take some time out once a year and take our copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it either as a private moment of reflection or with our families. What a wonderful 4th of July tradition that would be. Then, as you watch the fireworks celebrating the birth of the country and its independence, you will have those fresh words in your heart to remind you that it was our creator who gave us our freedom and independence and no one has the right to ever bring them to us. Street. .

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